Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh em gee, I, like, hate bugs.

So the bugs here have decided to come out of hiding and are in full on attack mode. Over the past few days I have encountered hundreds of insects and it is freaking me out. At night the bugs are EVERYWHERE. There are FLYING crickets here and beetles that fly all over the place and occasionally decide to land in my dinner plate. The other night there were roughly 10 huge crickets hopping around my banda and on my lap. My way of dealing with them is throwing my notebooks in their general direction and hoping it hits them. One time I threw my notebook at a cricket and clean cut its head right off its body, it was a shining moment. 

[Sidenote: Most people here tell me not to kill the insects and sometimes stop me from chucking my notebooks at crickets. I find this completely silly, since I see no moral dilemma in killing any and all insects. Ironically, most of the people that preach about not killing bugs are fine with piling their plates with animal products. Now, I don't care what people decide to eat, but I don't think they should be telling me not to kill little insect monsters. Would it be justifiable if I ate them after killing them? You can eat meat, but don't tell me not to kill bugs. Just sayin']

The other night I witnessed a cricket ATTACK. A cricket maliciously jumped down a girls shirt! It was terrifying. The beetles here come in all different sizes, some are small and can be found everywhere from my dinner plate, to the bathroom, to on my computer. There are also HUGE beetles that wander around and make me want to vomit. But worst of all, the most disgusting things i've ever seen in my entire life- flying ginormous cockroaches. They always appear out of nowhere and full on attack me. By attack I mean they fly around and look creepy and make possibly the most annoying noise known to man. I had one in my banda the other night and I could not sleep. The flying cockroach would run into my net over and over and over again. It would wake me up with the annoying buzzing and hissing noises it makes. I was paranoid the entire night that it was in my net, so I slept with my sleeping bag over my face and could barely breathe, it was one of the scariest nights of my life. Another bug attack happened the other day when I was minding my own business and typing away on my computer, when all of a sudden a big spider crawled right out of the cracks of my computer! I didn't go near my laptop for the rest of the day. 

I thought that coming to East Africa would help me get rid of my fear of insects, but it has made me even more paranoid of them. They invade my space and have no sense of personal boundaries. I loath them. Anywho, I realized I just spent the last hour writing about my hatred towards insects, so I'm going to stop now. I promise, my next post will be less negative haha I just had to let out my hatred for those little devils.



  1. i totally don't blame you for hating the bugs..i'm right there with you...i can't even imagine!! haha

    Devan Ragg

    p.s. the blog is great! i just caught up in all your adventures. keep it up Lex! i'm sure we all appreciate it. i miss you!!

  2. oh man, you'd never survive here. but you should at least say you're sorry before you kill the bugs. they're just trying ti live their lives and they were there first.