Sunday, November 28, 2010

I should probably major in professional list making...

Making lists is one of my favorite hobbies/pastime activities, so this blog post is pretty much a compilation of the lists i've made.

Soooo i've been in East Africa for 11 weeks now and I'm finding that the initial things I thought were different and odd are completely normal now. Things that are now weird to think about are:
-traffic jams are not always caused by cows and goats crossing the road
-not all public toilets are holes in the ground
-there is such a thing as weekends. no class on saturday and sunday?? how odd.
-stores have set prices and these prices are not up for bartering
-there is such a thing as trashy television (Real Housewives of D.C. here I come!)
-not all beds have mosquito nets (!)

I spend a lot of time thinking about food, since the food here gets real old real fast. I have compiled a list of the foods I want/crave from home. During class sometimes I get board, so instead of doodling in my notebook, I make lists of food I'm hungry for haha
FOODS that I think about roughly eighty times a day:
buffalo chicken pizza from NYPD
Chipotle burrito
Pumpkin ice cream
Thai red curry
Candy cane ice cream
Mom's cheesy potatoes
Apple Bees buffalo chicken wings
Panera Bread soup and bread bowl
German food from Metzger's
Baseball game french fries with vinegar
Siggie's delicious rhubarb cake
toasted bagels with cream cheese
T-Bell potato taco
French bread+roasted red peppers+goat cheese
Olga's soup, salad, and snackers
Java Joint soup and grilled cheese
Aloe juice
cupcakes from Zingerman's 
Starbucks green tea latte/frappuccino
Vernors ginger ale

Here is yet another list of website links that I though might be of interest to some people (specifically Mom and Dad, haha). The first link is to a slideshow on the NY Times website that quotes Bernard Kissui, my Wildlife Management professor here! The second link is to an article on the NY Times site about the proposed road through the Serengeti, which also quotes my professor. The third link is to my study abroad programs website and gives an over view of the program I'm in at the moment, incase your curious to find out more about the School for Field Studies. The last link is to a slideshow of all the students in this program and their mini bios, including Me! 



about the program-

meet the students-


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